Investigating Ingredients: Skincare Mixology 101

By Renata Block, MMS, PA-C

There are so many skincare ingredients to choose from, and honestly, many of my new patients don’t even realize they are using the same component in two different skincare products. Welcome to Savvy Derm Diva’s Skincare Mixology Class 101.

Mixing the wrong products can be a huge problem as people are relying on the advice of Influencers who don’t know skincare like a Dermatologist, Dermatology PA-C/NP, or Esthetician would. Patients come in with over-dried, irritated skin that typically needs to be addressed by RX medications. In the end, it halts all the treatment goals they achieved to obtain.

So do yourself a favor and use this Skin Care Mixology 101 Tool to help guide you products that work harmoniously and ones to avoid mixing together.

Let’s break down the most common products used on the market today or what I call Skincare Essentials for all skin types. Remember, there are different formulations for skin type (i.e., oily, dry, combo, normal), and you should consult with your dermatologist before starting anything.

Skincare Essentials:






For Acne Prone Skin:

Benzoyl Peroxide


Bonus Ingredient Info:


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Renata Block is the creator of Savvy Derm Diva and is a Dermatology Physician Assistant practicing at Advanced Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine, LLC in Chicago. Derm Detective is a monthly column exploring ingredients, procedures, and diagnosis of all things skin. Follow her on IG, Twitter, and FB @savvydermdiva