Donate YOUR Hair, please.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By Sara Wilchowski, PA-C

As a dermatology Physician Assistant, I see patients with an array of conditions.  On an average day, I can see patients from weeks old to 90 and conditions ranging from cosmetic concerns to deadly skin cancers.  This wide variety is what I love so much! I also get to meet people and develop relationships with them as we work together to improve skin conditions.  I found myself asking, “Am I doing everything I can?”

It was years ago that I met a little girl with a hair loss condition that left a mark. She had a condition that is a rare genetic disorder that causes severe malformations and erosions and causes her to be unable to grow hair.  She was a sweet, innocent, beautiful little girl. I, at the time, really wanted a haircut.  Then it hit me. I work in dermatology.  I have patients with hair loss and conditions in which they cannot grow hair.  I can grow hair. I can grow very long hair. Why am I not donating my hair!? Because I selfishly wanted a haircut?

Through a friend, I learned about Children with Hair Loss. 

Founded in Michigan, where I live, this organization helps children and young adults suffering from the medical cause of their alopecia.  After all, this friend had donated hair six times! Children with Hair Loss is a non-profit organization that does not charge the kids for the wigs, and the founder suffered from Alopecia Areata as a child, so this hits home!


September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month, and it is a condition which results in loss of hair in circular patches on the scalp. Experiencing hair loss, in any way, can be quite distressing to anyone. Alopecia Areata is not color blind, and it can affect adults and children.  Hairpieces are very expensive, and many times insurance does not cover them.  The mission providing human hair at no cost to the recipient to those suffering from alopecia in any form is something to shout out about.

This organization had my name written all over it! I find it important that those who are getting the hair donation do not pay to obtain it, and this is what their mission is! I am proud to say I have donated 12” of hair twice to Children with Hair Loss.  If you feel so inclined to donate your hair, I encourage you to choose the organization Children with Hair Loss and use the hashtag #shareyourhair!

Happy growing and donating. MUAH!????

Sara Wilchowski, is a full-time Dermatology PA-C who practices in the State of Michigan.