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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Ask Savvy Derm Diva

Dear Savvy Derm Diva,

I am hearing that my personal devices, such as my cell phone, laptop, etc. are contributing to the pigmentation on my face, chest, and neck. Is this true? –Cary W, Seeking the Truth

Dear Seeking the Truth,

Yes, unfortunately, it is true. All personal devices emit High Energy Visible Radiation (HEV Light) or Blue Light. This form of light is responsible for regulating our circadian rhythm but can contribute to pigmentation produced by melanocytes, cells that makes up our skin color. It has also been found to be instrumental in causing damage to your skin (aka photo-aging = wrinkles). Your best bet is to start wearing an SPF 30+ with iron oxide. Usually, these are found in a tinted version. 💋

Dear Savvy Derm Diva,

Do I need to wear SPF every day? I work at home and rarely go outside during the day unless I am getting the mail or walking the dog which doesn’t take long. Am I getting that much exposure to the sun? –Brittany M, Keepin it Indoors

Dear Keeping it Indoors,

The answer is an absolute yes! The UV radiation from the sun is potent and can even penetrate windows, causing the skin to damage. Also, if you go out for a few minutes daily, all of that accumulation of sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin years later. Start wearing SPF now, and you will thank me years from now. Promise!💋


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