Aesthetics is not the Avon of Medicine!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By Ana Cristina Trisan, PA-C AKA The White Coat Beauty

Aesthetics is not the Avon of Medicine. Injection of fillers and neuromodulators is not a side hustle for me; it’s my #career.


I get messages every week from Estheticians, PAs, NPs, RNs, and Doctors asking me where I took my “class” because they want to inject part-time and want to get started.


I understand this looks fun and that it’s enticing!


PLEASE know there is a LOT more to do what we do than a weekend class. We study, and we practice consistently. We manage demanding patients with sometimes unrealistic expectations (and boy can it be stressful.) We detect and manage any complications and fully trained to do so.


We have taken many “classes.” And just like anything else, this job requires a Skill that you must innately have to be decent.

If you are looking for a quick buck, this isn’t the right job for you either, as it takes time and consistency to build it up.


The bottom line there is no simple answer; it takes a lot to do this right. Most of all, know that anyone that you think is doing ok has put a lot of time and effort and did not take a 2-day class and came out doing it all. We work, we learn, we try new things, we have done great, and we’ve failed. I practiced on friends and practice on staff as much as I can (practice makes perfect!)


We continuously evolve what I did two years ago is different than today. And I love that, so much to learn and look forward to in my profession.


No one asks a critical care nurse what crash course he/she took to do their job; they know it takes education and experience. Same for us!


Fellow Injectors, opinions?

‍♀️ #thewhitecoatbeauty




Diva Tip: Do your research about an injector before seeing them. It is your face, your life and complications are real!

Ana Christina Trisan is a full-time Physician Assistant practicing in Miami, FL. Please follow her on IG @thewhitecoatbeauty