Wash Your Dirty Face!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By Kimberly Cray, PA-C

Girl, wash your DIRTY face, especially after the weekend. Maybe even scrub, gently. And by “Dirty,” I am referring to our daily exposure to germs, the environment (i.e., dust, pollution), and now we can add masks to the list! Believe it or not, even your diet and hormones can contribute to an inflammatory process and increased oil, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Wearing a mask is so important these days, but unfortunately, protecting ourselves and others with a full-time mask has its disadvantages. Wearing a mask can create friction and heat, making us more vulnerable to sweating, clogged pores, and breakouts. Although during quarantine, a lot of us have skipped regular makeup routines, we are still accumulating many things on the skin throughout the day and even when we sleep. Therefore, there is no excuse to wash your face. I can’t start or end my day without this step, and I encourage those who find it a mission to get their hands (and face) on a better cleanser that excites them. Stay tuned on some of my favorite washes based on skin type and goals! You know, Dermatology PAs are well versed in Product Matchmaking.

Diva Tip: Choosing the appropriate cleanser for your skin type makes a difference! Kimberly Cray is a General Dermatology + Aesthetics PA practicing in South Florida for over thirteen years. Kimberly loves helping people achieve clear skin and the confidence that comes with it. When she is not practicing dermatology, she enjoys long walks with her two dogs, making others laugh, retail therapy, and avoiding the sun.