The Loss of Your First Love

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By Renata Block, MMS, PA-C

It is with great sadness and grief that I write this month’s Diva Chronicles. On July 11th, I said good-bye to my 88-year-old mother, who was my best friend, first love, laughter, step, lesson, and tear. A part of me has disappeared with her; I will not lie. I have no energy or passion for happiness as the mourning takes place. I question and even doubt so many things at this point. Are things like this blog even something I should be doing? Does anyone ever read any of it? Does anyone even care?

We are so consumed in our little worlds as we should be because you have to love and appreciate yourself before you can give back to others. But when if that is torn down and you feel sadness and loss of hope? What comes next?

Posting about my mother’s passing is challenging but necessary. It is challenging because it is painful to do so. However, essential because of all the comforting words, thoughts, and prayers I had received from so many. Yes, it does help. Thank you. It makes one realize; I am not alone. Not anyone of us in this world will not experience such a loss. It is inevitable for all humans.

I am not out of the woods, nor will I know when I get my spark back, but for now, I need to focus on me. At this time, Savvy Derm Diva will be taking a break until further notice. You will see a little dribble and drabble with posts, blogs, and such. However, the light has dimmed, and I need time. Thank you for your support during this challenging moment in my life.

Diva Tip: Life is Fragile.

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