Intoxicating Beauty

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

CHEERS! It is “Be Kind To Animals” week and a perfect time for me to feature a product line that does just that!

Introducing Intoxicating Beauty. Is this not the cutest name ever? I had the pleasure of intoxicating myself with this full-service beauty bar. These beauty “cocktails” are inspired by, well, libations we use to celebrate. They are made in small batches, are all natural, organic, and are influenced by wine, beer, spirits, and even sake. Ms. Teresa Norvell, the expert Beauty Mixologist, is so passionate about her line and wants you to have the best experience with her products. She created a brand to love and celebrate yourself and it truly shows.

I was hesitant about trying organic, natural products with my sensitive skin. Just about everything makes me itch, after all, Poison Ivy is natural and organic. I don’t even want to start talking about arsenic. Nonetheless, Intoxicating Beauty products are nothing to worry about because they are clean, non-toxic formulas that are cruelty-free AND friendly for all skin types. YAY!

I had the pleasure of trying the Sweet Hops Collection. Why beer for the skin? Well, did you know it has been used by the earliest known civilizations? Growing up, my mom bathed me in beer and washed my hair with it before an ever major event! Yes, I was a sweet hops girl and boy did I SHINE! You see, beer extract is known to increase hydration and smoothen the skin. Beer also has barley extract which is full of antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals in the environment that can damage your skin. Lastly, Hops in beer can help even out skin tone.

The beer-infused line has a natural fragrance that is pure elegance and the texture of the body balm is rich and decadent. The best news? It gave me the gentle exfoliation, intense hydration my skin needed without the itch! GiGi and I had the best time opening up the cutest packaging ever. Check it out on IG! Be Skin Savvy!????

GiGi Approved – A Cruelty-Free Skincare Option