I “C” You Glowing, Girl!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Abella Skin Care is what I consider “simple” as it provides the essentials to your everyday routine. Their philosophy is just that: “skin care should be simple & effective while appealing to all skin types & demographics.” I had the pleasure of experiencing their Cellution C, which is their advanced antioxidant and collagen booster serum. Abella Skin Care founded by Dr. Eliana Belmonte, a dentist who loves skincare. Dr. Belmonte has been in the skincare business for over 19 years and has been working with her current FDA approved laboratory for over a decade, which I think is so important when it comes to skin care products.

Cellution C is an antioxidant “proper” form of Vitamin C, known as L-Ascorbic acid, that is required to be effective for the skin. Abella’s Cellution C has 12% of it to be exact, which is a great percentage. I found the second ingredient to be glycerin, which is a beneficial humectant but can be quite sticky if you apply too much, which concerned me a little. I was surprised and impressed since it did contain glycerin; it was not sticky at all as I would have expected. The price point is reasonable for what you are getting and the target audience for all skin types and is anyone who wants a “simple” skincare antioxidant. So off I went to experiment Cellution C on my normal-oily skin. I even included my husband, who has normal-dry, so I thought we would be the perfect test subjects to share our experience.

Honestly, I was concerned about the clear bottle as Vitamin C breaks down when exposed to light. It does come in a box that you can keep putting back inside, but I do not find this convenient, personally. The company makes “fresh” batches of the product every three months, so I received reassurance that I was getting the latest production. However, it did dispense in a sealed bottle with a pump, so at least the air was unable to break it down. The other characteristic of the product that I did not care for was that it was very fragrant. Abella Skin Care informed me was from the ingredients, specifically the cucumber extract and ascorbic acid, as there is no fragrance added. My husband deemed it a perfume bottle (due to the look and scent) and called it such throughout our experiment. It was too “oily” consistency for what I prefer, but I continued my daily journey as I wanted to give it a fair chance as it is designed for all skin types. On the other hand, my husband loved the vehicle (aka texture) and was compliant with daily application.

Despite being concerned about getting an acne flare, I continued to use it and was delighted as it did not cause acne breakouts. I was also impressed as I appreciated skin brightness after four weeks of daily use. My husband’s skin can be sensitive and dry, but he tolerates it well, and he continues to use it at this time to maintain his “glow.” I, personally, prefer other vehicles for my oily skin, but reassure you it was completely fine to use with this skin type.

The concentration of L-Ascorbic acid out on the market may range from 5%-20%, and, obviously, the higher the strength, the more brightening and lightening power from the product will be achieved. Despite the concentration, it also depends on the formulation, so make sure you do your research before you purchase a product. My all-time favorite is much pricier and also has Vitamin E, Ferulic, and comes in a brown bottle to prevent oxidation. Cellution C is not targeted to “pigmentation” (i.e., melasma) as it is to skin “brightening,” in my opinion. However, it would be a great adjunct to your pigmentation treatment regimen.

I think this would be an excellent Vitamin C to start if you have dry, sensitive skin due to the glycerin content. However, it does have propylene glycol, and some people can be susceptible to a rash with this ingredient. Nonetheless, you should always do a test spot on your inner forearm for a good 7-10 days before putting it all over your face to make sure. It is perfect for someone “on the go” as you don’t have to worry about a dropper applicator and spilling the contents. The 1 FL oz bottle makes it easy to travel.

Overall, I believe the product does offer a good value at $48.00/bottle, especially people are just starting a Vitamin C into their routine. They meet FDA requirements as far as packaging, distribution. If you have any experience with it, I would love your feedback! MUAH????

Diva Tip: Propylene Glycol is an ingredient that acts as a humectant. Please don’t shy away from it unless you are allergic. Less than 4% of people are allergic to Propylene Glycol.