Good Riddance, 2020!

By Renata Block, MMS, PA-C

I cannot believe I am sitting here writing the last Diva Chronicles for 2020. In fact, I am somewhat relieved. This year has been a BITCH, and that is putting it nicely. I honestly think I hit my lowest of low this year with the loss of my mother. Nothing hurts more, and I am trying my best to cope.

What do I do? Keep busy, so busy that I don’t time to stop and reflect on anything that happened in 2020. It is too depressing and debilitating. I have difficulty looking at photos and reminiscing; Purposefully, I am not allowing myself into that realm, too painful, and I am not strong enough yet.

What has given me strength? Support! Support from my amazing husband, my sister, my friends, my community, and, of course, my GiGi. I would not be here without them. Strangely enough, people I have never met in person via Social Media have been instrumental and helpful. Their kindness and outpouring of love have given me the strength to go on. Yes, the power of reaching out and genuinely supporting one in pain has a huge impact. Knowing that I am not alone only makes me stronger.

Here is the purpose of this blog this week. Don’t be a bitch, stay kind, support others, and spread encouragement, not hate. Good Riddance 2020, you have challenged all of my ugly emotions, but I will not allow you to prevail. I am in control! Cheers to 2021! Diva Tip: Don’t forget that I offer FREE virtual OTC skincare consultations every Tuesday! Make sure you sign up and reserve your spot! Even if it is to say “hello” or if you need to talk. I am here!

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