Do Your Products Need a Litmus Test – Why pH is important?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By Renata Block, MMS, PA-C

These past few months, I had the pleasure of using a skincare brand known as Sebamed. The company has focused on creating products that compliment your skin. Meaning, Sebamed focuses on sensitive skin in regards to making sure the pH of their products is on point. For example, optimal skin pH falls between 4.7 and 5.75, which is more acidic on the pH scale. Think of water as neutral or a pH of 7, and anything above this is alkaline. That said, having a slightly acidic pH of the skin is essential to wane off unwanted bacterial, viral growth and infections, as well as other pathogenic diseases. Narrowing the pH down to an optimal value is also crucial for the skin environment in regards to overall structure and defense. Wouldn’t you want to use products that help you stay in that range? Yes, please!

Why pH is Important!

As a Board-Certified Physician Assistant who specializes in Dermatology, I cannot tell you the importance of quality product use! Without a doubt, skin products have become more sophisticated in the past few years, but nothing can be more intelligent and ‘simple.’ Clinical trials have shown that providing products at a pH base of 5.5 helps keep the skin firm and seal in moisture. A compromised skin barrier can cause an inflammatory response and wreak havoc on such problems as eczema, acne, rosacea and can be an open reservoir to infection risk.

Why Sebamed?

Utilizing products that can damage the skin barrier can make conditions worse and more challenging to manage. For example, people who over-exfoliate may make their acne much worse. Sebamed products focus on protecting the natural layer of your skin for optimal performance by being more acidic than traditional soaps which are alkaline. I give Sebamed a rate of ???????????????? because of the brilliant simplicity of the brand, clinically proven on sensitive skin, and never tested on animals. One downfall of the product I noted as some of the facial and handcare items had fragrance added to them, which as a provider in dermatology, we try to stay clear away from any added fragrance. I was shocked and disappointed as everything else with them is entirely on point, but tell people who are sensitive to fragrance to proceed with caution! I would recommend any of their fragrance-free products in a heartbeat, such as their Fragrance-Free Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Lotion, and Hydrating Face Cream. I love them all!

Diva Tip: Use SebaMed products continuously for the best results.  Just like anything else!

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