Daily Skin Care. Why it’s Essential

By Renata Block, MMS, PA-C

I cannot stress the importance of good skin care. Even with simple steps, everyone can achieve it. Incorporating a daily skin care routine and knowing why it is essential gives my patient an understanding of why it is crucial. Education is critical as it can become quite overwhelming for many people what to do with their skin care tools. Daily skin care, even a simple routine, is essential.

A few basics of why daily skin care is essential:

1. Cleansing helps remove access oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and sweat that can contribute to dullness, clogged pores, and even infections.

2. Moisturizer is essential no matter your skin type because it helps build a barrier to the outside world and prevents the skin from getting chafed or irritated. Balance is necessary for skin health.

3. Sunscreen is the most crucial skin care product one should use to help prevent the risk of developing skin cancer. Without it, UV radiation can damage the skin, causing wrinkles, blotchiness, dullness, and accelerating collagen loss, which is the skin’s support system. Reapplication is vital for the best results, and please keep it separate from your moisturizers and make-up. Sunscreen is a stand-alone product!

All three I mentioned above are necessary daily skin care steps for everyone, no matter what age, ethnicity, or season your skin is exposed to. All are important.

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Renata Block is the creator of Savvy Derm Diva and is a Dermatology Physician Assistant practicing at Advanced Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine, LLC in Chicago. Derm Detective is a monthly column exploring ingredients, procedures, and diagnosis of all things skin. Follow her on IG, Twitter, and FB @savvydermdiva